Meet Our Therapy Horses

BusterQuarter / Thoroughbred Cross

Born: 1989
Color: Bay
Donated: 1996

Buster has been with our organization since his youth and is still going strong. Buster’s sweet demeanor and personality make him ideal for our most fragile clients. His gaits are smooth, and his walk as quiet and slow as we ask. Buster is all anyone could ever ask for in a therapy horse.

DiamondMissouri Fox Trotter

Born: 2000
Color: Black
Donated: 2015

Diamond is the newest addition to our therapy herd, having been donated by a long-time volunteer and donor of HOH. Diamond began his career as a show horse, then worked as a trail and pack horse, and has now segued to this wonderful life as our therapy horse. He has a stout build combined with a calm, gentle disposition so is well-suited for all clients.

EzylBLM Burro

Born: 2001
Color: Black

Ezyl, whose name is Yiddish for donkey, was just 4 months old when she was adopted by HOH from a BLM facility in Burns, OR. She is a valued member of our Therapy ‘team’, working with clients to help improve empathy, verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Ezyl is patient and cooperative in working with clients and helping staff members to set and achieve goals for participants. In her spare time, she loves to sun bathe.

GusBelgian / Paint Cross

Born: 2003
Color: Brown & White Pinto
Donated: 2013

Gus is the smallest of our draft-cross therapy horses. He may be only 15 hands, but is strong and capable of carrying any of our riders. Gus loves to play in the water, go out on the Sensory Trail and is very social with his herd-mates, participants, volunteers and staff.

JasmoMiniature Horse

Born: 1989
Color: Sorrel
Donated: 1990

Jasmo is our miniature horse, mascot, and official greeter for all who visit the Stable. Jasmo serves an important role with our clients, for many he is the first horse they meet and with whom they establish a level of comfort and ease. Jasmo is a treasured part of our equine therapy herd. He is a joy for everyone, from his sweet face to his endearing little squeal of delight at mealtime.

MaxBegian / Quarter Horse

Born: 2007
Color: Palomino
Donated: 2012

Max is the largest of our draft-cross horses, weighing over 1500 lbs. He loves exploring the outdoor challenge course and playing with his best friend Nupur, and following people when they walk by his paddock.


Born: 2002
Color: Brown
Donated: 2008

Nupur is fun-loving and has a big personality packed into a small package. At 13 hands he’s a pony-sized horse, small enough for our children but sturdy enough for adults. Nupur loves going out on the Sensory Trail and experiencing new adventures with all of our clients.

OnionBLM Mustang

Born: 1999
Color: Bay
Donated: 2012

Onion has been with HOH as a therapy horse since 2003, and was from the Murderer’s Creek Herd. Onion’s donor put many training hours in her, so she has an incredible skill set to teach her riders. Onion is one of the favorite horses here at HOH, with her bouncy walk, positive personality, and cute little ears always forward. Onion is very talkative, letting us know when she wants attention, (or maybe a few carrots).

RiffQuarter Horse Cross

Born: 1993
Color: Bay

Riff was born at HOH and is the half-brother to Skip. He was retired in the Spring of 2015 to a wonderful forever home, and we’re happy to report he’s loving his new life.

SkipQuarter Horse

Born: 2000
Color: Palomino

Skip was born at HOH and has been a part of the therapy herd his entire life. He is our tall, gentle beauty. Skip has a great work ethic, always easy-going from the start of the day until the last client finishes. You can see him in the turn-out pastures playing or grazing with his half-brother Riff by his side.

SkyPercheron / Quarter Horse

Born: 1997
Color: Red Roan
Donated: 2013

Sky is another of our draft-cross horses, capable of carrying the smallest child to the largest adult. He is sensitive, patient and loves working with all of our participants. Sky is as comfortable in the arena as out on the Sensory Trails. This big, beautiful horse often nickers to people walking by.