About Us

HORSES OF HOPE OREGON: An Equine Assisted Services Center

Horses of Hope (formerly the Adaptive Riding Institute ) welcomes all those who seek our services. Operating continuously since 1988, our programs use the natural movement and empathy of the therapy horses to improve the health and welfare of our participants.

Our Vision

Health, Happiness & Healing Through Horses

Our Mission

We provide equine-assisted services in a safe, friendly, accessible, and supportive environment, to a diverse population of individuals with a variety of physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral needs.

Our Values

We value inclusion, regardless of ability, financial status, race, gender or religion. We believe in making our services accessible to as many people as possible by removing as many barriers as possible. 

We value collaboration. We acknowledge that we are part of a community of organizations providing services to individuals facing unique challenges, and we strive to connect with, support and learn from others in our field.

We value community. We believe in supporting one another, and actively foster connections with our participants, their families, and throughout our organization and our community. 

We value excellence. We believe in developing and maintaining high standards in our participant care, safety practices and professional development of our staff and volunteers.


Thank You To Our Supporters

We are forever grateful to all those who support Horses of Hope Oregon in providing Health, Happiness, and Healing through Horses. A special thank you to those who sponsored our 2023 Annual Dinner and Fundraiser, Denim and Diamonds.