Meet Our Therapy Horses


Skip is our lifelong resident Quarter Horse. Skip was born into this program, and has been our faithful friend since 2000. Skip is a favorite for many of our clients, and is a treasured member of our community. His cool, calm and collected demeanor makes him especially popular with our clients.

Gloria summer 19

Gloria is our sweet, sassy miniature horse. Born in 2008, Gloria came to us in 2017 and serves as Horses of Hope’s unofficial mascot. She is a great introduction to equine assisted services for anyone wanting to first meet a pint-sized version of a horse, and she is also a great trail companion.

Panache 2

Panache is a Gypsy Vanner/Keiger Mustang cross, with the most beautiful paint markings. Born in 2015, he has a whimsical personality, ready to follow his client friends on whatever adventure awaits.

Prince in the Sun

Prince is our gentle giant. This curious and kind Belgian is great for riders of all sizes. Prince loves to explore the trails, play games and have a good grooming session.

Dallie head

Avondale “Dallie” is our gentle giant! Born in 2007 and standing over 17 hands tall, this sweet Percheron draft horse is wonderful for clients of all shapes and sizes! She enjoys time spent with people best, and of course, horse treats.

Rocky 2020

Rocky is a rock-solid Quarter Horse. Born in 1992, he came to us after having been a ranch horse and then a children’s horse. Rocky is the strong, silent type, he likes to watch and observe. He is sweet and unflappable, making him an ideal therapy horse.


Monique “Mo” is a Morgan / Pony of the Americas cross, born in 2008. She has been providing comfort to humans since age two, serving as a service companion animal to a young girl. Mo is particularly fond of children. She is incredibly empathic and does a wonderful job in groundwork sessions.

Brewen best

Brewen is our lovable Norwegian Fjord. Short and stocky, he loves to play games and spend time with his friends. Brewen is a always up for an adventure, and is much loved by our community.


Ella is a wonderful, sweet mare who loves attention from her human friends. Ella is a shining example of the fact that we are all unique and that we all have something special to contribute to the world. She is a true princess.