Each year at Horses of Hope Oregon, we have around 90-100 participants who participate in weekly Equine-Assisted Therapeutic sessions. Our participants range in age from 2 to 83, and represent a wide spectrum of abilities and challenges. We are committed to make every effort to serve those who seek our services and to make their involvement with equine-assisted therapeutic sessions a success. HOH’s professional team will work with you and your family to determine what type of sessions will best meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Please call the office at 503-743-3890, for scheduling, billing, or other questions. If someone does not answer, please leave a message so your call can be returned. Emailing [email protected] or [email protected] is also an option.

Hear From Our Community

Julie has a lot of social anxiety but as she has come to know all the staff at HOH so well she is now comfortable attending sessions without me(guardian/mother) and just with a staff member from her group home. Even with a change of mounts she is still enthusiastic and loves to groom the horses she rides and chat with the staff.

Susan Nolte
Julie's Mom and guardian

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Thank You To Our Supporters

We are forever grateful to all those who support Horses of Hope Oregon in providing Health, Happiness, and Healing through Horses. A special thank you to those who sponsored our 2023 Annual Dinner and Fundraiser, Denim and Diamonds.