Carrie Darras

Carrie Darras

Facilities Manager

I was introduced to horses at 5 years old when my horse crazy mother got our first riding horse, Blue, a Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Appaloosa cross.

I spent all of my adolescence and several years into my adulthood breaking, riding and enjoying horses. Fast forward to 2018, a place called Horses of Hope Oregon came into my life and I became a volunteer here. Happy memories of my youth came flooding back to me and I was greeted by a husky nicker from a beautiful gray Percheron mare named Dallie.

She quickly became my heart horse and Horses of Hope Oregon became what I fondly call "my Disneyland".  I have advanced from volunteer to facilities manager and there is no place I would rather be than with my human and equine friends here at Horses of Hope Oregon.

Thank You To Our Supporters

We are forever grateful to all those who support Horses of Hope Oregon in providing Health, Happiness, and Healing through Horses. A special thank you to those who sponsored our 2023 Annual Dinner and Fundraiser, Denim and Diamonds.