Ruby Mullings-Keating

Ruby Mullings-Keating

Riding Instructor

I am an Equine Science student working to get PATH Certified as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor. I have a background in equine training of horses ages one and above and have been an amateur Hunter/Jumper rider for 16 years.

I have always had an interest in Psychology and the empathic connection that a rider can cultivate with their horse. I believe that horses are incredible companions in the pursuit of our collective well-being. My goal is to forge an intuitive connection between rider and horse and to provide a safe and fulfilling interaction every single session.

Thank You To Our Supporters

We are forever grateful to all those who support Horses of Hope Oregon in providing Health, Happiness, and Healing through Horses. A special thank you to those who sponsored our 2023 Annual Dinner and Fundraiser, Denim and Diamonds.